NYC Pride 2016: Yonce Edition

Here at indieFORK we wanted to do something special for NYC Pride 2016. Pride means more than just hanging up a rainbow flag. It means more than getting drunk with your friends and going to the parade. Pride celebrates the freedom to love who you want because love is love. Who better to take tips on love from than Queen B herself?


Beyonce released yet another iconic album entitled Lemonade. After the indieFORK team learned of the tragic news about the Orlando shooting, we knew we needed to show our support. For Pride Weekend we started a spiked lemonade special (a la Beyonce) where we donated a portion of the proceeds to Orlando relief. We had Cucumber, Strawberry, Berry, Orange, and Original Lemonades. The special ran in Chalk Point and at our pop-up lemonade stand from June 20th-June 26th.


(Pictured above is our poised chalk artist/intern Chloe Kim & our social media guru Hannah Taub)

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