Instagram Tips from the Creative Crew at Chalk Point Kitchen

Where would Instagram be without Millennials? Food photos aren’t just posted onto Instagram, there is strategy to achieving the #instafood posts we salivate over.

Here are 5 tips from the Creative Crew on how to capture the perfect foodie shot for Instagram:


Tip 1: “It’s all about the Lighting”

People are always searching for perfect lighting when taking their #selfie, this goes the same for a foodstagram! Nothing looks better than sunlight. Sunlight is key to capturing the beautiful features of what you are eating or creating.



Tip 2: “Get the Perfect Angle”

Angles, Angles, Angles! Yes, it‘s true us foodies will get on top of a chair to get that perfect overhead shot. Sometimes you have to contort yourself to get the picture just right. If all else fails, the crop and adjustment tools on your smartphone are your best friends.



Tip 3: “ #VIEWS”

We are not just talking about Drake’s latest album! The perfect scenery can enhance any photo. Whether it’s solid colored poster paper or traveling to Hudson River Park to get a scenic backdrop, the right background is crucial for a successful image.



Tip 4: “#SpiceUpYoPic”

Now that you have the perfect image, make it pop with some editing. Don’t just slap a filter on your photo and call it a day. There are so many applications that can bring your photo from 0 to 100 real quick! “VSCO”, “Afterlight”, and “Snapseed” are our top picks. Experiment with everything from the brightness to the shadows and your picture will be looking professional in no time.


Tip 5: “Hashtags and Captions”

You have come this far but we are not done yet! The caption is where you grab the viewer’s attention and aim to make it to the popular page. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and add your personality; humor and creativity goes along way. Hashtags are vital when it comes to getting your photograph noticed. Make sure you use popular hashtags that people are constantly searching for. Some of the more notable ones are “#EEEEEATS”, “#forkyeah”, “topcitybites”, and “foodstagram”.

You are now on your way to becoming a social media guru. See ya on the popular page!

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