Happy VDAY with @HungryHipsters

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with @HungryHipsters!




We teamed up with NYC couple Bre and Christian to create a very special cocktail and celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. The young creative couple runs the beautifully curated and meticulously crafted @HungryHipsters account. As great fans of their foodie-stylish account, we invited them to collaborate in creating Cloud-9, a cotton candy topped Gin based cocktail which will be available at The Handy Liquor Bar during Valentine’s Day weekend.

We spoke with the lovebirds and asked a few questions:

Who are the Hungry Hipsters?

Bre is a brunch enthusiast and a digital fashion director, specializing in lifestyle research & styling the young contemporary shopper. Christian is a pop culture guru and songwriter & producer for the alternative music scene.  We are proud parents to an adorable morkie puppy “Jeremih” who sometimes models on our posts and was named after the R&B artist (casually).

How did you guys meet?

We actually met at Johnny Utah’s (the most un-hipster spot in new york city!) I was there celebrating a birthday & his friend was DJ-ing. Proof you can actually meet someone completely sane without the help of a dating app.

Was it love at first sight or first bite?

First bite, for sure. Christian sealed the deal when he took me out to a nice dinner downtown Little Italy. We felt so comfortable with one another already, that we had no problem consuming messy bowls of spaghetti.

You guys got engaged, what are your plans for the future?

We should probably pick a wedding date, it’s been 6 months! Right now, we’re thinking somewhere local so our puppy can be a part of the festivities (obvious priority).

Any tips for other hungry couples in love?

Yes! Always latergram your food pics after your meal. There’s nothing less romantic than fighting over a filter.

Why Cloud 9?

When Matt (owner of Handy Liquor Bar) reached out to us about doing a collab for Vday we were so excited! It’s the only holiday guys can get away with ordering a pink cocktail, so we went all outtopping it off with a skewer of cotton candy which can be dipped or eaten separately. We called it Cloud 9 because that’s exactly how you’ll feel once you finish!!!


2oz GinHHVDAY3

3/4 Lemon

1/4 Cherry juice

1/2 Lemon Grass

Egg White

Muddled Strawberry

Angostura Bitters

Cotton Candy!





For more info on the Hungry Hipsters please visit: http://hungry-hipsters.com

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