indiePROFILE: A Jackie of All Trades

Whos runs the world? Girls like this.  Hayleigh Hatcher not only kills the DJ game, hopping from venue to venue all over NYC, but she also is a queen of beauty and runs her own blog.  I got to interview Hatcher and learn all about her life and what she is doing next. Check out her music, her beuty tips, and her real world life advice.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I grew up in the very southern town of Tallahassee, Fl and moved to NYC eight years ago.  NYC life is where its at for me!  I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drum and I can do that here with ease.   I have an apartment in Williamsburg that I adore. It’s like a 1960’s Miami doll house with bright colors, fresh flowers, tons of records and retro everything.  I enjoy domestic living too. Exercising, cooking, cleaning, reading and relaxing are all essential for me. I have a modern life mixed with some traditional values-Wednesday Adams meets Barbie Doll.

Which came first, your interest in beauty blogging or djing?

I would have to say my interest in beauty was the first to come.  My mom used to paint my nails, and teach me the ins and outs of hair, make-up and fashion from a very young age and I loved it.  Music was always there.  I remember playing with my Barbies and jamming to my tapes. I was a super creative kid always imagining and around the time I was nine I wrote my first short story.  All of my passions today have been with me since childhood and I think if we follow our heart thats how it is for most of us.  

How did you get involved in the music industry?

FullSizeRender copyAfter several years of working in fancy, demanding Manhattan salons I took a leap of faith and started working for myself.  I knew I would really have to hustle to make it work and DJ-ing seemed like a great solution and supplement because I could be out doing what I love and also making some cash while networking. With a rad music collection good taste, and friends in the rock n’ roll scene, I said se la vie and jumped right in!  Making mixes is seriously one of my favorite activities and when I get to set the vibe and share it with people my heart sings-I love, love, love to DJ.  

 How would you describe your sound?

To describe my sound I would say its party-ish… upbeat, soulful and eclectic-heavy on the retro…lots of 60’s and 70’s tunes.   Keeping it mixed up is key for me.  The crowd really responds to switching the vibe and all the different flavors.  I shake it up…they are shaking it up…dreams are coming true.

 What venues have you played for that you loved the most?

DJ-ing private parties and events is my fave!  Last Halloween I had my vintage velvet witch costume accompanied with an epic mix.  I DJ’d at Front Room Gallery and had the time of my life.  I also love djing rock shows where I spin between sets.  I’m looking forward to doing a private event at The Handy Liquor Bar in SoHo tomorrow.

 Have you always had a passion for hairstyling?

I have always had a love for hair.  The hair seals the deal; its the cherry on top.  I have a lot of fun visualizing the hair that complements the individual.  Its a whole creative process for me and a creative expression for the client.

 Are there any other DJs that you find interesting/inspiring?  

As far as other DJs Doug Pressman “The Record Grouch” has been DJ-ing in NYC for years.  He taught me everything about spinning vinyl and using turn tables, not to mention he  has all the best Records in his Greenpoint store (The Record Grouch).  I get inspired from other DJs, especially the ladies all the time. It’s cool to hear what they play…and see what they wear of course 😉

 What part of the beauty/ hair industry do you enjoy the most?

My favorite part of beauty hands down is working with the client and I get to know my clients well.  I enjoy listening to them and helping them achieve their desired beauty and life style goals. When you look good, you feel good and the ability to give that to others is priceless for me.  We have a blast together, beauty gets deep!

 What advice would you give young woman such as yourself?

If I could give advice to young women it would be that it’s all about you! Treat yourself well, take care of your body & mind, find your interests & nurture them, take risks, ask for help, and be yourself no matter what. Don’t be afraid to follow your heart and listen to your inner voice. I’ve overcome a lot of adversity and today I know if you can dream it, you can do it.  

What part of NYC do you connect with most as a Dj and/ or as  Beauty Expert?

In hairdressing, djing and all of my affairs, I really connect with the downtown and Brooklyn scene. For a while I was die hard Brooklyn, but lately I’m really feeling the city vibes again. My clientele ranges from garage rockers to polished, Prada wearing mothers and I like the mix…just like with the music it keeps it fresh that way.





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