indieMUSIC: Kitty, Daisy, and Lewis x SummerStage

What better way to end the summer than going to see AMAZING musicians… FOR FREE?! SummerStage at Central Park never fails to give emerging artists a chance to show Manhattan what they’re made of.  While anxiously awaiting Lake Street Dive, I was lucky enough to hear an opening act that is made for binge listening; Kitty, Daisy, & Lewis.  Their sound is almost indescribable, but I would settle with not your father’s folk band mixed with a classic rock sound.  This charming and multitalented British group consists of three siblings that move throughout the stage with grace, all the while trading instruments between songs and taking turns on the vocals.   If you’re looking for real musicians and performance with flair, look no further. Kitty Daisy and Lewis, WE LOVE YOU.



Written by our Guest Blogger: Zaida C


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