Chalk Point Kitchen Talks ~Chalk Art~

If our name has not ring the bell already, we at Chalk Point Kitchen take chalk art pretty seriously. The décor at the restaurant consists of all things chalk—from outdoor menus to wall decorations. Chalk art is done with poise and skill while keeping it quaint and colloquial, which captures the kind of vibe we like to promote with our food and atmosphere. This is why every morning, we take the time to draw creative chalk art outside of our entrance as a way of welcoming our beloved foodies. Take a look at some of the works we have created so far! (Big shoutout to our intern/chalk art aficionado, Chloe!)


The above works have been done to celebrate Pride Week and commemorate the recent tragedies that took place in Orlando.

Next time you come by at Chalk Point Kitchen, we guarantee there will be another quirky one waiting for you. Feel free to snap a photo of our chalk art and post it on your favorite social media outlet!

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